Villa rental disclaimer

The advertised properties are not owned by VILLA DREAMS IBIZA but offered by VILLA DREAMS IBIZA in the name of the management office and/or owner.  The rental agreement will be between the management office/owner and the renter.  The management office/owner is responsible for the stated rental prices, reservation and other conditions. VILLA DREAMS IBIZA acts only as an intermediary between the two parties.
The rental of self-catering accommodation does not include hosting services.
VILLA DREAMS IBIZA advise everyone to take out good travel and/or cancellation insurance.  Should you be forced to cancel the reservation please inform the management office as soon as possible.  Cancellation conditions are included in the reservation form.
VILLA DREAMS IBIZA would like to be informed of any issues that may arise concerning the rental agreement but cannot be held responsible for any  disputes that may arise between the management office/owner and the renter.
Although VILLA DREAMS IBIZA try to keep the  information, prices and conditions on the website as accurate as possible, there is always a possibility that changes occur or typing errors made.  VILLA DREAMS IBIZA cannot be held responsible for such errors in the website content.